Addicted to Pornography?

Do you want to break free? Get cured even?

Well, if you can pat your stomach and rub your head at the same time, you can. . .

Cure Yourself

of your addiction to pornography.

And you can do it all:

  • without telling anyone in your life about your struggles with pornography;
  • without an accountability partner;

and, most important of all. . .

  • You can do it 100% in the privacy of your own heart and mind.

I guarantee it!

Sound too good to be true?  It gets better! Read on.

My name is Thomas Kaye.  I’m a Christian, a husband and a father.

And an ex-porn addict.

That’s right, I’m an ex-porn addict.  Used to be one.  Not one anymore.  I am 100% cured of my addiction to pornography.

I found the secret to curing myself of my addiction to pornography. . .and it was so simple.

I call it The One Minute Cure for Porn Addiction and if you want to cure yourself of your addiction to pornography you’d better get a grip on your mind because what I’m going to share with you will BLOW YOU AWAY!

  • Imagine if every one of the thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences in your head and heart that set you off and send you looking for porn could each be placed onto magnetic tapes and you could erase them from your brain, one by one, forever.
  • Or imagine every porn-inspired fantasy you ever had was transferred onto compact discs and you were given a hammer to break each one into a thousand pieces so your brain could never again access those thoughts, never again replay those images for you, never again seduce you to porn with them.

Or how about this scenario:

  • Your sitting at your computer late at night. Suddenly. . .Wham! Out of nowhere you find yourself blindsided by a Category 4 lust storm (a “lust storm” is exactly what it sounds like) and the next thing you know you’re caught in the middle of a full-scale Porn Attack.

Faster than you can say, “I can’t come to bed yet, honey, I have a ton of work to do,” your surfing over to one of the porn sites whose address you know by heart and in moments you’re lost to all reason.

What do you do?

Nothing, you say. There’s nothing to do.  I have to just let nature run its course.  I can hate myself in the morning.

Not this time!  Not when you know the secrets of the The One Minute Cure! This time you’re ready.  You implement one of The One Minute Protocols and as you do something amazing happens.

Even as you’re seeing what you’re seeing, your eyes never leaving the screen, against nature it seems. . .your lust level starts going down!

You repeat the technique, another minute. Your lust level goes down some more. You try a different One Minute Protocol, just to mix things up. Your lust level drops some more.  Then a little more.

Before you can say the word “Impossible!” you’ve broken the porn trance you were in.  You return to your senses.

You are now free to close that site, clear your cache and go to bed.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?  It’s not.

  • Next, imagine going back through your personal sexual history, including your childhood, and identifying each memory that still haunts you, shames you, excites you or pulls you to use pornography. Imagine you have been handed a secret code, like a computer worm, that seeks out and eliminates the thoughts and emotions that trigger your brain to endlessly ‘playback’ these memories. Memories that tie you to pornography.

The torments of your past would be a thing of the past, wouldn’t they?

But that’s not all.

  • Using this secret code you could easily clean out all the other mental and emotional clutter in your brain, eliminating all your past emotional baggage and freeing yourself to become the person you want to be. With this secret code to erase all of those pestilent thoughts and feelings, fears and limitations, you could finally become the master of your own mind; a Jedi Warrior over your own soul!

My friend, the day I discovered the secret to The One Minute Cure is a day I will never forget. . .

Occasional use of porn was bad enough for a Christian and a husband.  But over the years my porn habit had grown out of control.  I felt so defeated, so helpless to stop that I’d nearly given up hope of ever finding an answer.

Emotionally I had given up.  I felt I had no reason to believe I could ever overcome my desire for pornography as it grew into a full-blown addiction.  It was just too strong. Too much a part of me.

The cynics say “A man is only as faithful as his options,” and with the internet, pornography is always an option.  Porn is an Easy ‘O’ and how can a man say ‘no’ to an easy ‘O’?

Especially if he’s already said ‘yes’ too many times before?

I felt trapped by porn. Lost in lust.  But one thing kept me going, kept me hoping against hope for help.  Hoping against my feelings, hoping against all reason that there was help and freedom from my slavery.

My faith.

I believed the Bible’s promise: “Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.”  So I knew there had to be something, somewhere that could put an end to my irresistible compulsion to use pornography and cure me of this soul plague; cure me of this mind virus.

And I found it!

Overnight the The One Minute Cure changed my life forever.

Suddenly I was no longer a slave to pornography.  Instantly I was no longer just another hapless victim of the porno plague sweeping over this world.

Instead, I became a slayer of my own porn dragons!

It took me less than one hour to learn the essential elements to The One Minute Cure. Then I used this knowledge to identify the two strongest porn compulsions I had at that time.  Then, taking no more than one minute for each compulsion, l eliminated them for my life for good!

It’s five years later, my friend, and they have never come back!  Ever!

Too Good To Be True?

In the days and then weeks that followed I continued to be amazed that the irresistible urge to use porn did not come back.  I reveled in the emotional freedom I felt.  It seemed to good to last.  And it was.


After about three or four weeks, I found myself being inexplicably pulled back to using pornography.  I didn’t understand why.  I no longer felt compelled to use porn, yet I was doing it.  I was confused, deeply discouraged until I figured out the answer.

The reality was although I had completely erased the two strongest triggers I had for using pornography, there were still many, many other things could also trigger a run to pornography in me. Almost anything, in fact.  Or so it seemed.

Thoughts, feelings, memories, situations, sights, sounds – even smells – could grab hold of my mind and send me back into pornography’s grip, carried along by my lust.

You know something of this experience, don’t you?  Every guy does.

You’re walking down the street and some hot looking lady walks by and the wind catches her hair, the movement of her dress catches your eye and you notice how smooth her skin is and how large her breasts are and. . .wham! Your engine is off and running!

Perfectly normal for a guy, right?

But what happens when you’re habitual response to this kind of everyday lust is to go porning? What do you do when nearly everything in your life triggers porn-seeking behavior?

You admit you’re addicted, that’s what.  You admit that lust has become a drug for you.  A drug you can’t Just Say ‘No’ to.

And pornography is your supplier.  Your drug dealer.

Realize something: When you use porn, it isn’t porn you want.  You want what porn gets you – it gets you high. The sight of naked people having sex injects a powerful drug cocktail directly into your brain.

What drug cocktail?  Lust.   Lots and lots of lust!

Thanks to pornography I was a junkie – a lust junkie!

So what did I do? How did I end my addiction to lust?  What did I do about the overwhelming number of porn triggers I had?

I went to work on myself.

First, I dug deeper into the The One Minute Cure and worked and studied and practiced until I had mastered the The Porn Cure Protocol.  Then, just for good measure, I expanded my research until I found more techniques and more strategies to use on all of those thoughts, feelings, memories, situations, sights, sounds, and yes, even the smells that triggered me to use pornography.  I learned everything I could about each of The One Minute Strategies and how to apply them to each of these situations.

The result?

One by one I wiped out each and every one of these triggers for porn until I was confident I’d finally broken my porn habit completely.

And if I happened to miss one, missed a porn trigger hiding behind an emotion or a memory and it popped up unexpectedly and tried to pull me back into porn, I just dug back into my One Minute Toolbox and used one of The Porn Cure Protocols to deal with that trigger as well; quickly and efficiently eliminating it from my heart and mind.

Day by day, one by one I eliminated from my mind these triggers for pornography I’d spent years creating and installing in my brain.

Yes, that’s right, I created these triggers.  And so did you. Each and every one of them we installed into our mind by our own freely chosen actions.  Maybe we didn’t know that’s what we were doing.

What am I saying?  Of course we didn’t know.  But even if we had, would we have stopped?  Would we have wanted to?

But the past doesn’t matter.  The question is: what are you doing to do about your porn triggers now?

Thanks to The One Minute Cure for Porn Addiction you have the means to eliminate pornography from your life.  Permanently.

It’s what I did.  Now I can proudly and boldly proclaim:

“I am a man for whom pornography is not a problem!

Now given the power I’m claiming for The One Minute Cure it’s natural to wonder, “Are you saying you never feel. . .you know, horny, anymore?”

Absolutely! Just about every day, too.  And so will you, even after learning to eliminate your porn habit.

Nothing in the The One Minute Cure changes the fact that you are a man and men naturally and appropriately feel lust.

Thank God for that!

But now I am no longer a slave to the mental triggers that used to send me mindlessly searching for pornography.  I no longer feel compelled, compulsed and driven to seek out pornography.  And neither will you.

These days, when I feel (perfectly normal) lust, my brain automatically triggers my attention toward it’s appropriate object:  my wife.

Imagine that! A man lusting for his wife.  And in this day and age?  What is the world coming to?  Hah!

But that’s right!  Instead of being mindlessly driven to seek out pornography, I am a man in control of himself and thoroughly satisfied with his wife. A man free of mindless compulsions.  And when you read and discover the One Minute Porn Cure for yourself you will you be, too.

Like Kryptonite!

After ensuring myself that I could truly and honestly say, without any reservations, that I was cured of my addiction to pornography, I tried to share my experiences with some of the men in my life.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

If you ever want to clear out a room full of guys, just bring up the subject of pornography. . .as a problem! Especially if it’s a room full of Christian men. Any talk of pornography is like Kryptonite to them! Even trying to bring up the subject one-on-one was worse than pulling teeth.

But it’s not hard to understand why, is it? Seriously, how eager are you to admit to a friend, or worse, someone you know only from church that you have a problem with porn? Probably the only reason you’re even on this site and reading this is because of the perfect privacy the internet gives you.

But that’s also probably why you’re having such a problem with pornography in the first place, isn’t it?  Because of the ease of access and perfect privacy of the internet?

Hey! That’s the reason pornography has exploded all over the world and become THE problem none of us men can escape.

And it was this realization that showed me what I had to do.

I had to take everything I’d learned about curing myself of pornography addiction, everything I’d learned about triggers and anchors and how the brain codes and stores experiences, and of course, everything I’d learned from The One Minute Porn Cure, and put it all into an ebook anyone could download off the internet and use to cure themselves of their addiction to pornography.  In perfect privacy.

Ironic isn’t it?  The privacy that helped grease the skids of your slide down to porn hell will now help you break free of pornography.

Aint’ that cool?  As William Shatner observed in the classic movie, Airplane 2: “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.”

The instrument of our slavery, the internet, will be the tool of our deliverance, my friend.

If that’s what you want.

Is it?

Do you want the kind of freedom from pornography I’m talking about?  Do you want to be in control of yourself? In control of your lust?

Do you too, want to be a man for whom pornography is not a problem?

You can be.  You can do what I did and cure yourself of your addiction to pornography.


By clicking on the subscription button in the sidebar to the right.  When you do, besides being subscribed to my blog, you’ll be enrolled in the The One Minute Cure Quick-Start E-Course.

It’s Free.

Now I’m afraid I haven’t quite finished the ebook in which I said I was going to compile everything I’ve learned about breaking free of porn and staying free. It’s a very big job!  Much bigger than I expected.  But soon.

I’m still beta-testing certain pieces of the program before I release it.  I want to make sure it does what I say it will do.

In the meantime, you won’t risk a penny by taking The One Minute Cure Quick-Start E-Course. I’ve already gotten some positive responses from early subscribers.  I hope you’ll be one, too.

God’s Best.

Thomas Kaye


9 Responses to Addicted to Pornography?

  1. vostok2010 says:

    how do i sign for ‘the porn cure quick-start e-course’

    • Tom Kaye says:

      Just subscribe to my blog by clicking the Sign Me Up button to the right, just below the image of The One Minute Porn Cure. Welcome Aboard! ~TK~

      • Seeker says:

        All I got was being subscribed to this blog. Nothing else.

        Unless there’s an eBook somewhere (ready to be downloaded), I feel mislead. The only reason I joined this was because of this promise.

        At the same time, no “The Porn Cure Quick-Start E-Course” – where can one obtain that?

        Please clarify.

      • Tom Kaye says:


        I apologize for the delay in providing you with the first lesson of the Quick-Start E-Course. You see, I don’t yet have the program set up on an autoresponder so I have to manually create each email for each subscriber. Not normally a problem, but if I’m not on my computer a new subscriber like yourself may go a day or more before receiving the first lesson. But of course, like me, when you subscribe to get a free ebook or e-course, you’ve come to expect to get it right away – So where is it!

        Perhaps I will, eventually, put the Lessons into a single ebook download; however, my experience with free ebooks is, if I don’t read them right away I forget I got them and they end up sitting in a directory somewhere, never read. Information overload, I guess. Whereas a series of emails delivered over a number of days? Each one is a reminder of why I signed up to receive the information.

        So with that explanation, please accept my apologies. Soon, perhaps, I will have an autoresponder program up and running. I’m trying to choose between figuring out how to load a free program myself (yikes!), using a free service which allows a limited number of subscribers, or a paid service – Ouch! Once I figure it out, you’ll be one of the first to know.

        God’s Best,

        Thomas Kaye

        P.S. Anyone out there care to recommend a service? I’m looking at aweber, constant contact, getresponse and another one called icontact, or something like that.

      • Seeker says:

        I feel I am the one that needs to apologize. As I’ve learned that you do this for each and every person that subscribes to your bog manually, I feel that your effort is even greater, and then there’s more to admire.

        Thank you for your prompt reply. Once again, I apologize – I’m not such a grumpy guy usually.

        Appreciating your reply. Wanted to post this here instead of replying to your email. Since I was such a smartass, I felt I owe you public apologies.

        If I am allowed to make a suggestion: you might post this info somewhere for anyone who subscribes to see. If it was already mentioned somewhere and I failed to see it, then I’m really ashamed.

      • Tom Kaye says:

        Well Seeker, I really appreciate your apology but your confusion was understandable. With the internet we expect everything instantly. I’m not criticizing. I am the same way.

        But truly, if I didn’t appreciate even. . .grumpy. . .feedback I would delete your comment to save your embarrassment!

        Regarding your suggestions, I’m thinking your comment might serve that purpose quite well; but also, I’m thinking I should perhaps offer a link to Lesson 1 upon subscribing – however, I don’t know if you can do that in, or if you can, I don’t know how!

        I look forward to sharing The One Minute Porn Cure with you. I hope it works for you as amazingly as it worked for me.

        God’s Best,

        Tom Kaye

  2. BothEyesShut says:

    Dear Mr. Kaye,

    Hello! Nice place you’ve got here.

    I found a layman’s version of a study I read recently and thought you and yours might appreciate it. Here is a quote and a link, Sir.

    “Therapists who see patients — mostly men — with problems caused by repetitive sexual behaviors, whether sex with consenting adults, pornography or cybersex, said the addition of a hypersexual behavior category was long overdue.

    ‘There is no doubt in my mind that this condition exists and that it’s serious,’ said Dr. Martin P. Kafka, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard University who was a member of the DSM-5 work group on sexual disorders . . . ”

    Best Wishes,


    • Tom Kaye says:

      Dear BothEyes,

      I took a look at the article you referenced above and I think I will do a post on it. . .sometime, as soon as I can get to it.

      It is nice to see the mind-helping community is working to catch up with the times.

      Regarding a young man’s motivation to not use pornography. In my experience it is primarily religious young men who fight the temptation to use porn. Most see it as a challenge to their committment to God. “If I were as committed to God as I should be, not only would I not do this, I shouldn’t even be tempted.” Such thinking makes the behavior trebly damaging to the young man’s self-image.

      Also, the internet allows us to much more easily “escalate” our behaviors. Behaviors which, in the pre-internet age, we wouldn’t have been easily able to take to the next level, such as hooking up with a prostitute or finding a willing, lonely, young girl, are now potentially only a couple clicks away.

      Of course, such behaviors are only a problem if one takes the commands of one’s faith seriously (self-imposed standards) or when it is conclusively proven to be dangerous or damaging to one’s mental health to act out in this way (disease, of course, is always a risk when acting out on lust). The “pop” jury is still out on question.

      But I believe nearly every man believes and feels he ought to be able to control his lust. I believe most men want to be in control of themselves.

      And it’s for those men this site was built. The others need never fear they will even find it!

      Thanks for your post.

      Tom Kaye

  3. BothEyesShut says:


    My pleasure. Looking forward to your post.


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