Where Have I Been and What’s Been Happening?

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated this site! Or, to be real honest, even visited.

And something strange happened to my widgets, I think.

The picture to the right says that when you subscribe to my blog you will receive the One Minute Cure for Porn Addiction Ecourse and I had a widget below that which was suppose to notify me whenever anyone subscribed to my blog, along with their email address so I could send the course to them. And for a long time, that is what happened.

However, somewhere along the way this widget STOPPED giving me the email addresses of the people who subscribed to my blog and I have NO IDEA WHY or HOW it did this. I have found the original “subscribe” widget but it was not in my active widgets! I have moved it back there and we will see what happens.

Now, enough blaming technology. When I discovered that this was happening, I FAILED to post any explanation to the people who might be subscribing to my blog to explain this glitch, nor did I attempt to fix it.

Why not?

To be honest, I was having some challenges with WordPress.com that were frustrating me. Also, ongoing emotional struggles to finish the two books I was writing to explain and teach The One Minute Pornography Cure were completely overwhelming me – as well as a bunch of personal stuff that I’m not going to go into.

But as my wife is fond of saying, “excuses are only good for the person making them” and when push comes to shove the fact is I did not pay attention to the problem I knew was happening; that people were subscribing to this blog and expecting to receive their FREE Ecourse but were not.  It is just today that I see approximately 20+ people have subscribed to my blog since I lost my subscriber list and stopped receiving the email lists of new subscribers.

To those 20+ people who subscribed to this site seeking help with their porn addiction and did not get it I offer my sincere (but much belated) apology. I am attempting to repair the problem with my site and then we’ll see if I can coax you all into re-subscribing when a new and functional widget is installed.

How will I do that?

If you tell me you are one of the people who subscribed to my blog and never received your FREE Ecourse, I will provide a very special gift to  you as my way of apologizing for my lapse.

When you re-subscribe and receive the OptIn email request confirming your subscription, simply tell me in the subject line or body that you were one of my earlier subscribers and I will include a COUPON CODE for you to use to receive FREE copy of one of my two (finally finished) ebooks teaching The One Minute Cure for Porn Addiction!

The first one I finished and published on both smashwords.com and amazon.com is entitled: “55 Seconds to Freedom: A Manual for Men.” This is a step by step explanation of the Porn Cure Process from beginning to end and retails for $7.99.

The second book, which is presently available on smashwords.com and the Apple iBook Store, is called, “Dealing with the Dragon: A Parable of Victory Over Pornography.” It tells the story of one man’s struggle, and failure, to overcome his addiction to pornography until he meets The Porn Coach, a man who teaches him the Porn Cure Process and then coaches him each step of the way to complete porn freedom. It retails for $9.99.

Between the various ebook readers, http://www.smashwords.com offers the most versatility, making books available in about a half-dozen formats, including Kindle, iBook, Stanza, Kobo and Sony. Once you buy the book you can download it anytime in any format.

Personally, I prefer Stanza. It gives you total control over the size and type of fonts. You can adjust the size simply by stretching or pinching your fingers across your touchscreen and when you find a size you like, no matter what it is, it lets you set the book to that size. Neither Kindle nor iBook allow you that kind of flexibility.

Also, I believe http://www.smashwords.com gives me the highest royalty. That’s kinda nice, too!

I have received good reviews on both books and am planning to begin promoting them both extensively across the internet. I am also taking steps to publish hard copies of both books through Amazon’s CreateSpace website, as well as an audiobook program. I only recently discovered the incredible power of listening to someone teach you how to do something rather than just reading it and trying to follow the instructions. I am excited about both possibilities!

If I may indulge myself here for a moment and I hope you will be sympathetic when I say, writing these two books and releasing them into the world has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. And that includes a long stint as a full-time foster parent to ten children, which included seven teen-age girls! LOL!

Seriously. Writing these books was harder. And attempting to promote them has been harder still.


I’m not entirely sure, except to say I do not like all the time I have had to spend thinking about pornography, lust, sexual addiction and all the ways it damages men and women. And although I love helping men break free of pornography using the PCP (Porn Cure Process), coaching them through their deeply personal and painful subjugation and enslavement to pornography is hard. whine. pout. pity, pity.

Why is it so hard? you ask. I thought you said this porn cure process takes only a minute?

It does, but only after you have identified each specific trigger sending you chasing after a porn high. The task of uncovering those triggers can be very challenging and very difficult.


Because we want what we want when we want it and we don’t want what we don’t want when we don’t want it.

And more often than not, we want pornography even as we swear to God and man and the angels and the demons that we don’t want it.

Which is what make overcoming porn addiction the challenge that it can be. Even with tools as powerful and effective as the Porn Cure Protocol, the Swish and Re-Decisioning.

Well, that’s enough for now. While writing and editing this post I managed to uncover the problem and, I think, set things to right but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, feel free to email me with any thoughts, questions or challenges you might be facing in your personal porn struggles. You can reach me at “cureecourse@gmail.com”.

God’s Best,

Thomas Kaye


About Tom Kaye

I am a writer, speaker, seeker and finder.
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