A Testimony

I wanted to feature JD’s story, which he just posted on the testimonial page, as a separate post, but I wasn’t sure how to do that.  If anyone knows and wants to tell me how, I appreciate it.  In the meantime I am going to simply copy it here.

“JD says:

I have been addicted to porn form the age of 14. It was never as strong as it was these last few months before I decided to get help.

Let’s start at the beginning. During my first 4 years of high school I never really had a relationship with a girl because it always led to my heart getting broken the few times that I tried. So I discovered porn and there was no need for any heart brokenness. I could fulfill my daily needs for lust on my own.

Luckily in my final year of high school I found the girl of my dreams we started dating. After a year we started to have sex. This was my first time with a girl but in private I was still doing porn I never told her that I was doing porn because I knew it will hurt her so much and destroy our relationship forever.

My hunger for lust got so big that we had to have sex at least 3 times per day. It was too much for her and she told me she could not go on like this, that I needed to keep it under control. So I did just that! I started looking at porn more and more to fulfil my needs.

Before I knew it I had to look at it every day and the pictures needed to be more and more graphic. Then it became movies and more and more hardcore porn. As my lust got stronger and stronger the things that I needed to watch became more and more disturbing and more frequent. I asked GOD everyday to help me and send someone that I can talk to and will understand my situation and help get rid of my addiction without judging me and making me feel bad about what I have done and what I have become over the past 11 years.

I felt bad every time that I looked at porn. I just wish I found the answer sooner. I wasted so much time!

Luckily GOD sent me Thomas Kaye and his one minute cure and now I do not feel that urge to do porn, like I have to do it. I am almost free now. I just need to learn how to control my lust but I believe Thomas is going to help me to get control of it again.

The girl of my dreams and I got married last year in November. I do not what to lose her. She means everything to me but I knew if I kept on porning I will lose her, my work and my whole life. THAT was how bad it gets when you are addicted.

Finally, I what to thank GOD that he used Thomas to help me and saved my life. I will forever be grateful to you, Thomas. And to GOD – from now on I dedicate my whole life to You!!!!!!

Strong Men Live Free

Strong Men Live Free

I hope and pray GOD will help you too so that you also can be free!!!!!

Thomas, keeping on doing this wonderful life saving work and may GOD bless you and your work and your whole family.

Thanks for saving my life

Yours sincerely,


My reply followed:


Thank you for posting a little of your story. Even I sometimes forget that pornography affects one man at a time, one relationship at a time and how devastating its impact can be. I am blessed by your words and am humbled by the knowledge that something I wrote has helped you become a better man. Thank you.

Regarding something you said above, “. . .I just need to learn how to control my lust but I believe Thomas is going to help me get control of it again.”

Please believe me, that I am not nitpicking when I say I resist the use of the word “control.” I do not believe, based on my personal experience and the history of mankind(!) that any of us can “control” our lust. not once we are in its grip. Caught in a Category 4 lust storm. However, I do believe, thanks to the Porn Cure Protocol I teach in my FREE E-Course (shameless plug), as well as techniques I will demonstrate and explain in later lessons, that we can learn to “manage” our lust.

It’s the difference between riding a wild bull and learning to surf. Both are wild, untamed and untamable. No one ever controls either one. However, most anyone can learn to surf even the biggest wave. Which is what I am trying to teach through my e-course and soon through a couple of books I am writing. To successfully “surf” your lust.

I am also partial to the dragon metaphor.

Dragons are large, powerful, dangerous untamed beasts belching flames that come from the depths of their belly. Some are so wild and untamable they must be slain. But some can not only be tamed, but ridden.

Our lust is a dragon that lives in our bellies. The actions we take motivated by our lust are its offspring. Sometimes our lust gives birth to love and marriage, then children. Then to our life-long commitment to our family,  to providing for them through our profession. In this case we are riding our lust, using it to motivate and carry us to the places we want to go. This is the true purpose of lust. To energize our productive, useful life.

But sometimes, many times, our lust gives birth to fornication and out-of-wedlock children whom we feel no moral obligation to raise, protect and care for. Or, sometimes our lust gives birth to adultery and divorce and the collapse of our families.

And sometimes our lust gives birth to our dabbling in pornography and perhaps to a full-blown addiction leading to. . .you already know, don’t you?

These are the abuses of lust.  It’s illegitimate children, if you will, if that’s not an abuse of the metaphor.

My point is, the dragon of lust must be tamed. It’s uncontrollable offspring cannot be. The dragons of pornography, of adultery, of fornication can destroy our lives.

They must be slain.”


God’s Best,



About Tom Kaye

I am a writer, speaker, seeker and finder.
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2 Responses to A Testimony

  1. Miles Moe says:

    Dear Tom, this is a great site, but I am in need of your One-Minute Solution. I have already subscribed with my email to your blog. How may I acquire the solution? I would very much appreciate the ability to start on this as soon as possible.

    • Tom Kaye says:

      Dear Miles,

      Thank you for subscribing and I apologize for the delay. Your impatience is understandable because this program is not set up on an autoresponder (yet) and so I have to personally send out each lesson of the course. Last night when you first subscribed? I was in bed, fast asleep!

      I have forwarded the first lessons to you.

      God’s best.


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