I’ll Be Happy Here!

Why?  For two Reasons.

One:  We’ve got VIDEO!!  Yaaaaayyyyyyy!

Can you tell I’m excited about being able to post video into my blog without having to redirect you to youtube or some other place?  Well, I am.  You see, I thought you couldn’t have video on a wordpress.com blog.  Looks like I was wrong!

The second reason I’m happy is because the video I posted last night, but didn’t have the time to write this post for, is one that really speaks to me on the subject of this site:  Why men use and become obsessed and addicted to pornography – seemingly against their will – and of course, how to break free. Click and enjoy!

Isn’t Billy’s wife a wise woman?  “I know how men think.  I’m not happy here.  I’m not happy there. I know, I’ll be happy here!

The fact is, ever since we were little babies lying in our cribs we’ve been using our body’s natural PCA Pump to instantly inject the drug cocktail “Lust” into our bloodstream to make ourselves feel good.

(What’s a PCA Pump?  It’s that device hospitals hook patients in pain up to so they can regulate how much pain killer they receive, called, appropriately enough, a Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pump.  Of course, the hospital PCA Pump has a governor on it.  A patient can only get so much morphine per hour so thy can’t overdose, by accident or on purpose.  Unless your doctor is House and he gives you the code for unlocking the regulator so you can kill yourself in peace.)

What is the male body’s natural PCA Pump?  Our penis, of course!  The image of a baby boy playing with his penis is so ubiquitous, it’s a stereotype

Now this is, of course, a learned behavior, but it becomes a habit because it works! Whenever we feel bad in any way we know if we can just get a fresh injection of sexual energy (dopamine, vasopressin, oxytocin to name a few) into our bloodstream we will feel better.  At least for a while.

And with the help of pornography. . .perhaps a long, looonnnggg while.

Hours? Easy.

Days?  Sometimes.

But then, there is always the inevitable CRASH!

It’s simple biology.  Neurology, to be precise.  When you overtax your brain with neuro-chemical stimulants, even natural ones, eventually your brain must return to homeostais – normalcy.  And it does so with a BANG! Our physical systems can only take so much stimulation, so much stress before they break down.

The real trouble with getting “artificially” high even off of brain juices arises when “normal” for us sucks. When day to day life is filled with emotional pain such as disappointment, sorrow, fear, rejection, powerlessness, boredom, uncertainty, anger. . .and about two hundred other emotions, we end up being unable to endure it for very long.  The drug addict, the porn addict, the adrenaline junkie and the alcoholic, each of us is desperately trying to escape a normal life that causes us nothing but pain.

Is there a solution?  You bet!

God’s Best,

Tom Kaye


About Tom Kaye

I am a writer, speaker, seeker and finder.
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