“God is only slightly less popular than pornography on the Internet.”

The above was stated by some wit on the radio a few years back.  He was actually making an argument for the strength of religion on the internet.  And he was right. Porn is the number one ‘product’ on the internet and God is number two.  Yay, God!

It’s a natural consequence of our brain’s functioning that the more ubiquitous porn becomes in society the more acceptable it becomes. Look at smoking. At one time everybody smoked and it appeared the most natural thing in the world.

It took a 40 year campaign to get American society to the place where smoking is no longer socially acceptable, where polite people don’t do it around others and preferably not in public.

Will we ever get back to that place with porn? I mean, I seem to remember a time when porn wasn’t a topic of casual conversation, porn stars didn’t get public recognition and acclaim and most men had the good graces to keep their ‘stash’ stashed away.

Are those days gone for good?


What could change it?  Just one thing.

If the predictions of catastrophic social impact made by the religious right and social conservatives come true and are plain for everyone to see, things could change. It might also take another 40 year campaign but eventually the detrimental effects of pornography might become obvious to all, like the harmful effects of smoking, which are now accepted as self-evident truth.

Will that happen?  I’m not sure. The jury is still out.

But even if their worst predictions come true, putting the “pornie” back in the bottle will be a gargantuan task.

It’ll be interesting to watch the next twenty years or so.


About Tom Kaye

I am a writer, speaker, seeker and finder.
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